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Based on the North Shore of Auckland – we celebrate the relationship between outdoor & in, the co-existence of beauty & imperfection,
and the intertwining of the natural world with the things in your home.

We Are Wild – join us!


Our style uniquely combines our love of nature to and the art of flower play. We believe in the inherent and universal language that flowers convey. The language that both love and sympathy, death and birth can be expressed. A language that shows no boundaries.

Woodland Walk

Join us for a meander down down crisp, autumnal paths. Orange and yellow hues mix with the warm, sultry nature of the fall season to bring you this fiery delight.

Typically, flowers that fall into this category are known for their long-lasting nature and more structural forms. Perfect for the males in your life, and all your crunchy-leaf-stomping pals.


Sun soaked and fancy-free, explore English country gardens as we delight in creating  this magical arrangement. Soft blooms, accented with minimal foliage helps created the whimsical adventures we have in store for you.

Luxury meets elegance, opulence meets ornate. She’s a winner, trust me!

Florist Choice

The best and freshest of seasonal blooms are picked especially for you straight from the market floor.

Trust us.

Wild & Free

For all the dreamers of dreams, the creators of things, the uninhibited wild. Where perfection and unruliness meet to create mutual balance.

As lovers of all things eclectic and whimsical, we search high and low to bring to you the quirkiest and wildest that is on offer.

Custom Arrangements

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